White Blood

As: Show Runner / /

Direction: Thomas Delord / Company: Processing 
Produced in: Brussels / Released in: TBA

Concept created by Thomas Delord. Short pitch (If you’re interested by the concept, don’t hesitate to contact Thomas Delord directly) : The united states imploded and subdivided in new states unifications. White suprematist wants to purify its fervents by changing their own blood colour… from red to white. In one state regulation about DNA modification allow this. This project has a cost : white cells neutralisation and modification involves passing by using human blood. Hunt for climate migrants has started. With support of a large pharmaceutical company, this neo-vampire delirium is about to ensue on an apocalypse.

( date: 2017-01-01 / id: 133 / img: 1 / order: 138 )

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