As: Scenographer / External link

Direction: Hiroshi Wakamatsu / Company: Auto-production / KKBB 
Produced in: Brussels / Released in: Parcours d’Artistes Etterbeek

Rosemary Woodruff was the wisest, funniest, most beautiful woman of her time. These days—as we would expect from a Judeo-Christian-Marxist era—it is fashionable for intellectuals to complain about humanity’s destructive and pessimistic trend. While, in all charity we can understand the hive meaning of this pessimism, it is the task of Evolutionary Agents to counter it by repeating: the Genetic Plan is working out perfectly. The human cards are in no position to interfere with the DNA deal. We are compelled to offer total sympathy and support for the human races when we remember that for the last 5000 years (a mere micro-flick in genetic time) the species have been in a continual frenzy of Mutation and Migration.

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