As: Art director / External link

Direction: Bram van Alphen / Company: Lovo Films 
Produced in: Belgium / Released in: Worldwide

Amgen wants to know who’s in? For Enbrel, that is, in a new campaign focused on the future for people with rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis who say in TV ads: “I’m in for what’s next.” The latest work evolves previous Enbrel messages, building on patient insights, said Wendy Lua, Amgen director, consumer marketing. “We learned that patients often have conflicting emotions. It’s a balancing act between grieving what was lost but also grateful in terms of what’s possible in the future,” she said. “Patients can feel optimistic, and they want to move forward, but sometimes get held back by the challenges of managing their RA or PSA.” Concept design visuals done by talented Mark Schons.

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